Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fall 2012

Nearly two years after it happened I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from my COSI mural's move. In the spring of 2012 COSI decided that they no longer wanted my mural in their hallway and asked me to collect it from them later that year. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with a 7'X12' mural! I really didn't want it to be rolled up in my basement. After a long search, many emails and letters I finally found a perfect home for the mural at homeless shelter called Daybreak in Dayton, Ohio. They were so happy to have it! Here are pictures from the arrival and re-installation of the mural.

First of all pictures of the mural.
 In the hallway at COSI

Here is a picture of the mural at it's final home.

 This is how it came in the truck from COSI to my home.

 It was rolled up on the floor of my garage at first.

 Give you an idea of the size I rolled it out on my family room floor. The cat really liked it!
  We arrived at Daybreak Shelter in Dayton one afternoon to install the mural

 My daughter Lydia and my husband Doug came along to help.
 We worked hard for several hours re-stretching the mural.
 When it was done it looked great.

 My work crew and me!
 It really looked great in it's new home!
 This was so exciting for me, because in it's new home my mural changed it's meaning from global warming to survival and new life. My hope is that it will give the residents of Daybreak Shelter some hope for survival from a stressful time in their lives.