Monday, March 29, 2010

Installation: Friday March 26, 2010

Here is my finished mural Living Earth installed on the wall at COSI! It was exciting to actually see it on the wall at COSI! We had an official installation on Friday March 26, 2010.

This is the plaque that hangs next to my mural. It reads as follows:

Ginny Baughman, Teaching Artist, age 51, Westerville, Ohio, Acrylic Golden Paint over primed Canvas,

I decided to participate in the mural project because I wanted to experience working on a large mural. COSI gave me a storeroom to setup my studio in. I worked there for about two months and I enjoyed every minute of it! Check out my Blog that I kept during this time at

I wanted to make a statement with my mural, about the struggle of our planet to retain its quickly changing environment and our struggle, as inhabitants on this earth, to preserve or plunder the environment. Are the hands pulling the earth apart or putting it back together? I am leaving the final conclusions up to the viewer.

The week after I finished the mural I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This mural will always remind me of my struggle with this disease. Just as the figure in the painting emerges from the earth, I too have emerged form my diagnosis determined to move on with my new life as a diabetic.

Here I am by my mural.

Me and my mural.

My own kids could not attend the installation, so I invited my extended family. Here we are by the mural (left to right: Tammy Baughman, Isiah Williams, Tessa Baughman, Me, Doug Baughman (my husband) and Becky Baughman). I had a great time enjoying COSI, after the installation, with my niece and nephews.

Here is where my mural actually ended up: right next to the entrance to the Ocean exhibit. This seemed to be to be a very appropriate place for it! Funny thing: I thought of the background as sky, but I suppose that it could be the ocean as well!

Here are the three murals on the first floor, where my mural is, looking down the hallway.

Here is a closer picture looking down the hallway.

Here are the three murals looking up the hallway from my mural.

Before we left COSI that evening I just had to go back to look at my mural one more time. It is so thrilling to have my artwork so prominently displayed!
According to COSI 500,000 people will pass by the murals in one year's time! That is so exciting! I think some day I want just come and sit on the bench across from my mural and watch the reactions of people as they walk by. Wouldn't that be fun?!
I really hope to have to opportunity to do something like this mural again........

If you are visiting my Blog for the first time, please enjoy the following posts that chronicle my work in the Living Earth mural. It was such an exciting experience and this is why I wanted to keep record of the process to share with everyone.